I need!

I need some time, I need space, I need that moment, to realize my base. I need a blanket, by which I want to be cozy, Somewhere, I want to be lazy.   I need that attitude, which reflects my gratitude, So. I need some time, I need some space.   I want to achieve, […]

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Deception is the form of abstraction which affects our senses entirely so that we act and think with our unreal perception depending upon the observed surroundings. Paradox on the other hand, is the situation where the unreal surrounding seems to be confusing with real one and then brain declares it as false. Human always has […]

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What is the ‘Manipulation’? Manipulation is the task driven instructions given by our superior or elders or even by our brain. Manipulation is a philosophy to make anyone work for the instructor. It is the main cause of brain drain now-a-days. Classification of manipulation- The manipulation is classified into two categories: Internal manipulation: The internal […]

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The Window

The window of heart Through which I see this world Using my observance I attained this world’s cleareance Formulating my existence Erasing each doubt’s occurrence.   The window of my room Through which felt happy and gloom The sight of my thoughts I grasped all above some cost Used my vivid imagination Reached to the […]

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Two packets: quanta

The packets of energy Known as quanta. We intake for living And working smoothly The quanta is required  As per daily need Through the meal  Quanta depends upon The human age  Childhood is the upbringing With two packets The milk or meal with  Lots of care and affection The adulthood depends  Upon the two packets […]

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